2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend Design and Trend

Before us is another super model and it is 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend. We will see what are the features that adorn this vehicle and what was interesting about this auto. We will start with a detailed description of the design through to the driving force of the vehicle.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend side

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend Design

It is interesting that in this segment as the most variety in terms of the concept of body and neck configurations. For her, the responsible Opel Meriva with counter opening rear doors and perhaps most Ford B-MAX. Not only is there a central or B pillar, but his rear sliding door. This concept 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend is truly unique and allows for a lot of things that other people can not.

Otherwise, the absence of 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend pillar greatly facilitates entry and exit even in the front seat, especially when you have very little space to open the door. it is easier to squeeze between the door and seat if there is no column.Next is the comfort is very similar to the Fiesta, in whose mechanical platform is designed B-MAX. However, sit a little more, especially in the passenger seat that can be adjusted in height.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend interior

The driving position is upright although the wheel can be nice to get out. This happens because the pedals are relatively close, and the seat allows you to press the clutch with a fully outstretched leg, without bending the knee.

The design of the dashboard is almost identical to the Fiesta. The materials are very good quality and the upper part is molded from soft plastic. Finishing in the lower parts of the cabin is not exactly at the top of the class, because here and there hears the occasional crunch to the touch. However, laudable as it is steering wheel trimmed in leather, and all four window have automatic.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend interior side

This kind of thing is not possible to see even more expensive trims manufacturers sounding names. Automatic windows gives another nice option – the opening and closing of windows by pressing a button on the remote control to lock.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend inside

Equipment of 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend

In the analysis of the equipment we need to praise and seven airbags, which include the driver’s knee airbag. ESP is also on the list of standard equipment, and a system for controlling the pressure in the tires. Trend package does not include cruise control and Bluetooth connection, but because the sound system with six speakers above average quality, with good acoustics and low tones that easy to shake legs. USB and AUX ports are standard, as well as controls on the steering wheel.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend cargo space

Engine of 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend

Tempting price for what 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend offers many brings doubt to the base engine was not up to the demands of the average modern driver. Belongs to the old guard atmospheric engine, and is quite lively if you drive only driver. But the other passenger becomes more sluggish and generally can not boast that it is flexible at low revs.

2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend central chloster

On the contrary, in order to achieve a more powerful acceleration is required to spin. Regarding between the acceleration, you have to be ready to return to the level lower than what you’re used to and to at least 3500 r/min to a strong pull. Who still wants more performance, 2014 Ford B-MAX 1.4 Trend offers good old naturally-aspirated 1.6 petrol engine with 105 hp, but the last word in the form of a new three-cylinder EcoBoost turbo petrol engines and in versions of 100 and 125 hp. Of course, there are the famous diesel engines of 1.5 and 1.6 liters, with 1.5 derived from the current 1.4 TDCi engine.

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