2014 Ford Interceptor Concept

Ford sees the 2014 Ford Interceptor as keeping Mustang drive speeding up, but we do not assume anybody will view any kind of Mustang anything in the Interceptor, at the very least out account of its looks. Which’s a good thing, as a Mustang sedan would certainly be horrible.

2014 Ford Interceptor  exterior

2014 Ford Interceptor Design and Specs

So Instead of grafting the Mustang’s famous, shark-shaped schnoz onto a car, designers copied the front end of Ford’s F250 Super Chief Concept, which to our shock, really functions quite well. Ford didn’t utilize it for the actual F250. Besides, it certainly obtains the tough-guy factor throughout. Dominant functions consist of Ford’s three-bar grille and squircle headlamps followed by a blunt, flat clamshell hand hood. Back a little bit further, one notices chrome fender vents, an exaggerated midsection, a narrow, chrome-trimmed greenhouse and substantial wheels to highlight its sliced, mob-boss profile.

2014 Ford Interceptor  front side

Head restraints set up from the low, reduced ceiling, only 37.5 inches of front headroom will definitely render the 2014 Ford Interceptor ineligible for the NBA’s Most Valuable Ride honor. Pile controls conceal behind panels to cleanse up the dashboard no iDrive for this huge sedan, possibly an individual could reveal BMW how to do this.

That hectic, whiring rumor mill has been rife with reports that 2014 Ford Interceptor may appear as one in a range of brand-new Mustang-designated products. We discover that a little a stretch, yet look very carefully at this show auto. You’re very likely to view several of the essential layout cues resurface as Ford presses the proverbial layout envelope. The automaker has to move away from bland and safe. The biggest risk, it’s been stated, is no danger whatsoever. You could like the Interceptor or despise it, however at the very least it touches the feelings.

2014 Ford Interceptor  front grill

Engine of 2014 Ford Interceptor

Snuggled within the lovingly comprehensive engine bay is a Ford Racing 5.0-liter engine, E85-compatible V-8 generating 400 horsepower, like the motor discovered in Ford’s effective FR500C Grand Am racer. Said engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission, ran through a gorgeous, Ferrari-style gated shifter. The 2014 Ford Interceptor rides on a unequal-length control arm front suspension, but a Mustang-like solid rear axle.

2014 Ford Interceptor  interior

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