2015 Ford Fusion Plus

It’s been a few years since the launch of Fusion model. As its name suggests, it is a fusion or unification of different concepts in one car. Ford’s marketing experts have such a concept car called the UAV. 2015 Ford Fusion Plus is made on the basis of the Fiesta and when the maximum simplify things would come to the conclusion that it is slightly elevated and prolonged Fiesta. We will present the essential characteristics of the model.

2015 Ford Fusion Plus side

2015 Ford Fusion Plus Design Exterior and Interior

What is Fusion model achieved a greater interior space within compact dimensions and use of all the advantages offered by the elevated position behind the wheel. The 2015 Ford Fusion Plus is 4.02 m long, 1.72 wide 1.53 m tall to me, and the wheelbase is 248.5 inches. Compared to the Fiesta, Fusion is longer by 10 cm wider and higher only 4 cm and 7 cm, which is outwardly much notice. It is therefore in terms of design Fusion different car.

The front part of the act robust, which contributes significantly larger radiator grill and massive air intakes. Glass surfaces are also slightly larger, and the whole silhouette of the vehicle looks very harmonious and compact.

2015 Ford Fusion Plus rear

However, small changes in the external dimensions of 2015 Ford Fusion Plus have resulted in really spacious interior and this is one of the strongest points of this car. Cities have for five passengers, and only a small width limits comfort for the fifth passenger who might sit in the middle. In each of the other aspects of headroom and knee are more than enough. The minimum storage volume is 335 liters, and when the rear seats are folded it grows to 1175 liters, which is a solid result for the cars from the compact class. Easy access to the luggage compartment allow large tailgate whose threshold level with the cargo space.

2015 Ford Fusion Plus interior

2015 Ford Fusion Plus seats

Engine and Performance of 2015 Ford Fusion Plus

In addition to great deals space and ergonomics at a high level. The driver’s seat has a wide range of adjustments so that, regardless of stature, all drivers can find the appropriate seating position. The instrument panel is taken from the Fiesta and is very simple and transparent. Under the hood of the test model 2015 Ford Fusion Plus is the famous Ford Duratec four-cylinder power unit of 1.6 liters, which at 6000 rpm achieved around 100 horsepower.

Maximum torque is 146 Nm at 4000 rpm. Indeed 100 horsepower at 1070 pounds of vehicle difficult on paper promises good performance. Sprint from 0 to 100 takes 10.9 seconds. Development of power is linear, but the engine is not necessary to bring in high speed, because it has enough power already at 2500 rpm. Accelerations are quite convincing almost to the maximum speed of 178 kilometers per hour.

2015 Ford Fusion Plus engine

Although his higher speeds are not a problem, given the dimensions of the concept and ideal cruising speed is around 140 kilometers per hour. Consumption of petrol unit, on average, about 8.5 liters per hundred kilometers, which is more than the declared. The city rises to about 9, while on the open road descends to about 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

2015 Ford Fusion Plus grill

With 2015 Ford Fusion Plus, drivers will feel right at home in the city due to the small size and elevated seating position. Lever five-speed manual transmission is precise and has a surprisingly easy gait.

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