2016 Ford Galaxy Review Dimensions

2016 Ford Galaxy review… – Like all companies whether Ford has ambitious plans in terms of new models. This time we present theĀ  Ford Galaxy 2016 that will take you in many ways delight. The 2016 Ford Galaxy vehicle is a blend of old and new. What was good the rest, especially some traditional stuff. Will bring you new things that will be part of the new model.

2016 Ford Galaxy spy photos

2016 Ford Galaxy Design Exterior and Interior

To save costs, the two giants have decided to share as many parts as possible, although Ford’s representative to a greater extent than the used Volkswagen parts obrtnuto. Daylight they saw the Ford Galaxy and two twins, Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra. Since 2000, each side has decided to go his own way and this move proved to be a failure for both companies. From a record 59,308 vehicles in 1998, sales of the Galaxy last year reached a minimum of 19,433 vehicles.

The above figure was only enough for fourth place in the class, but that is not all that bad a slightly smaller Ford S-Max has finished as runner-up. For this reason, the US carmaker has decided that for the year 2016 approached two MVP of vehicles, especially in terms of design. The biggest difference between them is still significantly larger third-row seats and a trunk in the Galaxy and Ford says that he was lowered into the ground and raises the push of a button – something that makes the Galaxy the only representative of the class.

Ford Reveals All-New Galaxy; Luxurious Seven-Seater Offers First

In addition, the second row is also lowered to the floor to give the maximum interior space, which for some time considered to be one of the largest in its class. When you mention the interior to say that Ford replaced the traditional control mask with a new digital 10 inches, which can be modified according to the taste of customers. Ford wanted to maximize the space exterior, so that an additional 20 liters of space is the site for the spare tire, and each row of seats provides additional space under the seat. US carmaker says that the space in the third row of seats increased by 40 mm and it is now the largest in its class.

2016 Ford Galaxy interior

2016 Ford Galaxy inside

Engine and Specs

On the mechanical side, the Galaxy was done on a global CD platform, which is also the basis for the Ford Fusion/Mondeo and Edge. The suspension has been modified for a quieter and more comfortable ride and better cornering behavior and the driver can not control it in three modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport). When it comes to engines, Ford expects most buyers to opt for the 2.0L TDCi diesel with 207 hp and 450 Nm of torque, the same engine may be available in versions with 118 hp, 148 hp and 178 hp.

2016 Ford Galaxy instrument

For fans of gasoline, there are two EcoBoost turbo engines, and 1.5L with 158 hp and the 2.0L with 237 hp. Ford has not released details of spending, but says that all engines more economical and meet the Euro 6 exhaust emission standards. Sales should start in the summer, and prices would not be changed to a greater extent. If Ford succeeded in his idea that the Galaxy closer to the S-Max, there is no doubt that this will be reflected in the sale to a large extent.

2016 Ford Galaxy Price and Release Date

Price of 2016 Ford Galaxy will move if $40,000 and $50,000 depending on which model you take with what equipment. While the vehicle is in some way realized the story is not completely finished. It remains to be seen what will happen at this point.

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