Ford Capri 2016 Price and Release Date

New Ford Capri 2016… Ford Capri was a very popular model in the time it was produced. It was a fastback coupe, designed by the same man that designed the iconic Ford Mustang. The Capri was imagined as a version of Mustang for Europe and it shared lots of mechanical components with Ford Cortina. During the time of its production, Ford managed to sell a little less than 2 million units of this model. Now, the rumors have started appearing online, saying that Ford has started working on bringing the Capri once again – since the demand for fastback coupe is increasing.

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Furthermore, in the last few years it has become a trend to bring back old classics – Fiat 500, Mini Cooper and Alfa Romeo Giulietta are just a few cars that had been revived lately. It is expected that the American manufacturer is going to unveil the new model soon as the 2016 Ford Capri.


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Ford Capri 2016 rear side

2016 Ford Capri  of Exterior

Few months ago, when the rumors about the new Capri have not yet started, on the Web were published some rendering and sketches of a Ford vehicle that is not in production – now it appears that these renderings were actually of the Ford Capri 2016. The images show a really interesting car – something we have not seen for years – the front of the car has that front grille with chrome outline that Ford has used on all new models (it looks a lot like the grille used for years on Aston Martin vehicles), headlights that are in between those used on Mondeo and new Mustang and a front fender that looks like the one on the new Focus ST. Even though it looks like it was designed by elements already used, the front looks really good.

Ford Capri 2016 rear

New Ford Capri rear design.

The car in the images is a fastback coupe – meaning it has two doors and a shorter rear end. There are lots of chrome details – like the outline around the side windows and around air vents that are placed in the back to cool the rear brakes. One detail on the side that shows that this car is most probably the 2016 Ford Capri is the bending C-columns, used on the previous Capri models. Reports are quoting sources from Ford, claiming that they have said that the Ford Capri 2016 will be designed and built with Focus ST as inspiration. The renderings show the new Capri with large alloy wheels – so we expect that the production model will be offered with at least 18-inch alloy wheels and low profile tires.

Ford Capri 2016 open inside

Ford Capri 2016 design inside and doors style.

New Ford Capri 2016 Interior design specs

Unfortunately, there are no images of the interior of the upcoming Ford Capri 2016, however, reports have some information about the cabin – since this is a sports car, the American manufacturer plans to use racing bucket seats, that should be comfortable enough for long rides – one report even suggest that Ford is working with one of the popular seats manufacturers about designing completely new seats for the new Capri.

Apart from that, there are going to be lots of high tech features, which will probably raise the base price of the  Ford Capri 2016 – one reports suggest that the new model will come with a large 7-inch touch screen display, satellite navigation, rear view camera and Bluetooth connectivity as part of the base package. The American manufacturer wants to use high quality materials – soft touch plastic for the dashboard, leather for seats and steering wheel and instead of metallic accents they want to use aluminum.

Ford Capri 2016 front side

Ford Capri 2016 front side grille.

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Engine of new Ford Capri 2016

Previous Capri models were offered with wide variety of engines – ranging from 1.3l 4-cylinder to 5.0l V8 engines. However, this is not going to be case with the 2016 Ford Capri – the American manufacturer will most probably use one of the engines that they already have on one of their other models and since the two biggest competitors of the new Capri are Renault Megane and Volkswagen Scirocco that offer engines that produce up to 200 horsepower – the 2016 Ford Capri will most probably have the 2.0l EcoBoost turbocharged engine that produces around 250 horsepower which could enable the Capri to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

2016 Ford Capri Price

The reports claim that the 2016 Ford Capri price will have a price of around $30,000 for the base version.

2016 Ford Capri Release date

The release date of the new Ford Capri 2016 is still unknown, but it is expected to be in late 2016.

2016 New Ford Capri technology.

More about Capri model you can find on Wikipedia.

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